Two close friends, Greg and Leroy, must search the secluded domain of America’s forests to find a lost brother. One of the men a veteran detective, the other a forensics expert; they will use their experience to apply reason to the unexplainable. As time runs out they must take greater risks to maintain the dwindling prospect of rescuing the missing man.

The disappearance defies all convention as the duo find themselves embroiled in a mystery; one which will see them delve into a hellish nightmare they aren’t prepared for. How far will the two go for family? More importantly, how far should they go?

Their resolve is put to the test as the story unfolds. The danger ramps up and so does the visceral carnage. No mercy is shown to the unlucky ones caught by the ravenous hunger which lurks out of sight.

Along the way, more wayward souls join the search to uncover their own answers. Ever present, a merciless watcher stalks their progress. It’s tyranny unopposed until now. A group will form to stand against the sinister forces of the unknown wilds. When faced with overwhelming power, the duo will have to come up with an unusual defence to survive; they will combine science and brute force in a climatic retaliation against unrelenting adversaries.

Whilst pacing within the mire of trees a doubt coalesces with the danger. If profoundly wounded by a heinous injustice, is it better to let go of the pain or to live for it? Perhaps no one choice is right for all; in the end, Greg and Leroy must decide this for themselves.

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A boy and his dog fall from a bridge but never land. One awakens alone. In time he comes to learn of his demise. What light will he find in the dark beyond closed eyes. Through the centuries he runs from terrible beasts who seek to devour him. A spider with a serpent's tongue offers a deal to the wretch: souls for power. Each slain beast brings new understanding, but diminished hope. The eons wear his innocence away like rain on stone, until a final chance for redemption presents itself. At the end of time a choice will be made, not for the fate of humanity or the contentment of a higher power, but for the terms of defeat. To end with one last act of kindness or resentment.

Work in progress.