UE4 C++ Rope/Cable Cutting Plugin

Run real-time rope simulations with dynamic cutting. The sliced off sections can be further cut. Comes with many options for customizing appearance, effects and physics. Product features:

No longer availabe for sale. To be replaced with upcoming UE5 variant.

UE5 C++ Rope/Cable Cutting Plugin

Work in progress.

IOS/Andriod UK Driving Theory App

Contains all the information required to pass the UK theory test. Provided for free and distributed via the app and google play store.

Work in progress.

UE4 Dynamic Xmas Tree Decoration

Xmas tree can be decorated with custom models. The decorations are randomised in shape and colour.

No longer availabe for sale.

UE5 Interactive Books

Books can be opened and closed at runtime with procedural page animations based upon rotation of physics skeleton armature rotation.

Work in progress.